Frequently Asked Questions

How to register for a course & what are the class timings?
You may call us and confirm your participation at least 2 days prior to the date of the course. Please refer the schedule for this year for dates. You may either come down to our office on the day before the course during working time or on the start date to fill up the registration form. Classes are taken from 10:00 to 1:00 hours.

What documents are required for registration?

Please carry copies of your SSLC / HSC certificate, Eye test certificate, employment proof, 8 passport size photographs and full fee for the course.

I have just completed my high school and have no experience with NDT. Can I get Level II certificates in RT, UT, MT and PT?

You may join a preparatory course in NDT, that will let you work as a trainee for some time and when your employer realizes that you are capable of handling work independently, he may offer you an examination and certification to Level I or Level II based on your academic qualifications and experience on the job. Even if you have a Level II or Level III certificate, you may have to prove yourself on the job before the company takes you into their confidence. If you can’t prove yourself then you will be back to the trainee position.

What about the examinations? Do I get the certificate if I fail the test?

Each method will have 3 examinations. You need to score a minimum of 70 % in each paper and the average of these should be 80% for a pass. If you fail the test, you may opt for a free re-examination, subject to conditions. It is you who have to study the subject. We will provide you all possible assistance in learning the subject. Certificates will be issued only if you pass the examination.

Do you provide placements after the course?

We can definitely help you out with the names and contact information of companies who may be recruiting. We also post job listings on our blog regularly.

Upon completion of the course, will I be able to perform the work independently?

Yes, you should be. It is exactly what we are trying to provide you with the lectures, equipment’s and reference materials.

Why should I learn to use these equipment’s? I am not a Technician, I am an Engineer / Supervisor.

Unless you know the proper usage, you would not be in a position to rectify a problem.

How long the certificates are issued for?

Certificates are issued for a period of 5 years.

Job offer is ready for me. I need level II certificates in RT, UT, MT and PT. I do not have sufficient time now to attend the course, but I will surely study once I am on the job. I am looking for a quick certification?

We’re sorry, we can’t help! We do not offer quick certification. We offer only in depth courses for really serious learners.

What sort of Accommodation do you have close to your facilities?

We have a list of locally approved accommodation, you can contact us for the address in person.